An in-church testimony

On Sunday night we had organised students to share Kempsey/Taree testimonies at church. When I was getting ready to walk up onto the stage I started to get a WOK. I was getting two names: Robert and perhaps Robertson or Robinson. I wasn’t sure which one was correct and I felt quite confused, so I … More An in-church testimony

Day 68 – 71

Tried out a word of knowledge for a lady but due to the language barrier I didn’t get very far. Went on outreach with the team to kempsey and had enough encounters that make up for the last couple of weeks. In shortened form: WOK for eye condition near a riverside park and ballet studio … More Day 68 – 71

Day 63 Anna

I had a patient who was in a lot of pain and was trying everything from the strongest analgesic medications to herbal preparations. I offered to pray for her and she asked how that worked. I said I prayed to Jesus and He would heal her. So she declined and said she was ok.

Day 63- Harry

At the markets minding my own business I feel a pain in my left rib. I look around and see who is around me. There is at least 5 people within 2 metres of me. I have no idea who it could be. I was standing next to two Asian girls but I still wasn’t … More Day 63- Harry

Day 62 Anna

Well I felt like I needed a kick in the pants today. I told God I was going to kmart (as if He didn’t already know) and i asked for WOK. I got Jessie or Jessica and saw a flower. I asked the lady at the door if Jessica meant anything to her and she … More Day 62 Anna

Days 58-61 Anna

Quiet days with very little happening. I gave a WOK to the DSSM students and it seemed some got a bit of healing so YAY God. One day in a shop I was chatting with the checkout lady and she told me about her daughter and I thought I got the daughters name but it … More Days 58-61 Anna